About Us


Our Mission

Urban EV’s mission is to expand electric vehicle charging station access where people live and work. We accomplish this goal by working closely with property owners and operators to craft solutions for EV infrastructure which improve bottom-line operations and boost amenity profiles.

Meet Alex Grant, Founder

Alex Grant has been an instrumental leader of the EV transition with deep experience developing EV charging stations. He has installed hundreds of Level 2 chargers, as a property owner and then as a third party developer with PG&E. Most recently, he was a founding member of the Rivian Adventure Network, managing a staff focused on developing and constructing hundreds of Level 3 DCFC chargers nationwide. In his work, he has constructed an estimated 200 Megawatts of charging and completed roughly 50 individual charging projects. Alex studied urban planning at University of Oregon and graduated with his MBA from University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management. He founded Urban EV in 2023.