EV Charging

EV Charging At a Glance

With the transition to electric vehicles well underway, an economic opportunity is starting to blossom across the globe. From vehicle manufacturing lines around the Great Lakes, to the lithium brines of the Atacama Desert, an international effort has manifested to serve this growing demand. The International Energy Agency estimates that global spending by all economies on EVs exceeded $425 billion in 2023.

A key component of the transition will be EV owners’ access to EV charging infrastructure.

The New York Times recently reported that in 2023, 30% of all vehicle sales in the Bay Area were EVs. By 2035, CA Gov. Newsom has mandated that 100% of new vehicle sales in California be zero-emission and the state will need to construct over 313,000 EV chargers at multifamily buildings by 2030 to achieve these EV sales goals, according to SPUR. 

Benefits of EV Charging

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Attract New Tenants

Future Proof Real Estate

More Foot Traffic and Spending

in Nearby Retail